Abortion statistics and facts! All information, charts and bar graphs are sourced above! A few sources accidentally left out: [x] [x] - Paige

Unbelievably important.

Use this to combat pro-life “statistics” (aka, statistics pulled out of a random donkey’s hiney).

That seems rather misleading to call your opponents’ statistics fake and then use statistics from… Planned Parenthood, aka a biased source.

Also, 3% of abortions still makes it 15% of its annual revenue. Which happens to include federal funds (that they’re still inexplicably getting). Take that out, and that means those are some awfully expensive abortions ($164 million in 2008, IIRC).

I used Planned Parenthood for one thing, for their information on their services, but just disregard all the other non-biased scientifically/factual sources right?

Also, have you heard of the Hyde Amendment? That amendment was put in place so that abortions CANNOT be federally funded. Sexual health clinics can get federal funding but they are not to use it towards abortions, it is only for their other services (i.e. contraceptives, cancer screenings/prevention, STI/STD treatment and testing, etc.) but nice try though.

Medical services are expensive everywhere, no matter what the procedure is, but let’s keep in mind people who provide safe and legal abortions make way less money than hospitals who make money off of the people carrying their pregnancies to term and giving birth (not to mention having to pay and care for the child afterwards), especially if you live in the U.S. - Paige